Waves and Wellness 

Enjoy the sound and the feeling of the waves. Smell the salt in the air and inhale the biggest breaths you’ve ever taken.  This experience is free and available to you 💙💙💙💙💙 click the second link to hear from me and click this link below to see and feel the surf for yourself. I’m waiting for your comments!!


Best and Worst Foods 

Hi everyone and thanks for joining me again. Today I was thinking about what new content to add to these blogs and thought you may like to see what the ocean looks like everyday so you can have a nice place you can come to for relaxing. The ocean is so calming but today the waves were so huge and fierce that once again we realise that nature ha the upper hand.

Mother Nature has tried to train us to eat all the healthy food from the earth in amounts that satisfy us (but not over satisfy us ) and from all the groups of food available to us.

The following are the results of a study undertaken over 20 years letting us know the top best and worst foods. 

Have a read and  see what you think. Leave some comments so we can all enjoy each other’s thoughts. Enjoy 💜💜💜


Organisational Wellness Training 

As you may know I’ve been organising wellness classes for local and state government departments. Now I’m venturing out to organisations (Government, private and community) to help people relax. We read  so much rhetoric about work-life balance and unfortunately this doesn’t happen so frequently. There is also the danger that some relaxation activities may have a negative effect on people due to certain ideas and images portrayed.Let me know when I can come and help in your workplace. I’m excited and ready. 💜💜💜