Waikiki Wellness Event

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Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa
13 January from 10am – 1pm

Course Including Tuition, Refreshments, Lunch, Activities and An Outdoor Meditation Experience. 
Cost $95.00

Do you want to be relaxed, feel in control and be able to move with your emotions?
Like to sleep better and shine from your head to your toes?
Come and rejuvenate yourself at one of our events

This wellness event is in the form of guided meditation (non-religious), discussion and group activities plus detoxification (supplements and life-style changes). 
Wellness Event is Monthly 

Outline of the Wellness Event 
Beautiful Setting of the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa

  1. What is Meditation
  2. Benefits for Our Mind, Body and Daily Interactions
  3. Guided Energy Chakra Centred Meditation
  4. Aura Viewing – Looking at the Colours That Make Up your Protective Shield
  5. Morning Tea
  6. Mindful Motion Meditation 
  7. Aura and Energy Practice in Groups
  8. Questions and Discussion

Why come to the Wellness Event?

  • To give you the opportunity to experience the benefits of meditation and detoxification in a beautiful environment
  • To provide you the tools that are needed to experience continued health after the event  through the methods learnt
  • To provide a means to integrate wellness into every day life
  • To provide an opportunity for a social and fun event 
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