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Q. “Do you need to know how to meditate to come along to the course?”
A. “No prior knowledge is required. Just come along with the idea that you will relax and have a good time!”

Q. “is there a difference between yoga and meditation?
A. “Yoga is usually a series of movements that are learnt and repeated and meditation can.be both moving and being still.”

Q. “Who can take part in the meditation?”
A. “There is no age limit, gender bias or health requirement. As long as you can sit or lie down then you can do it!”

Q. “Is the meditation a religious practice?”
A. “Contessa does not promote any religion or dogma. The meditation consists of guided messages to help you  relax,, rejuvenate and be able to tackle every -day problems.”

Q. “How will I feel after the session?”
A. “Generally people tell us that they feel relaxed and rejuvenated”

Q. “Is it better to do the sunrise or sunset meditation?”
A. “Both times are good. Even if you aren’t a “morning person” you can come at sunrise as this will be a new experience for you.