Aloha Meditation

Who Is Aloha Meditation?

Aloha Meditation is a Hawaii based meditation centre that is for both the beginner and the person who has been practising meditation in the past.  We specialise in meditation experiences that combine the relaxing art of mindfulness with the breathtaking scenery of our outdoor locations.

What Does Aloha Meditation Do?

Sunset and sunrise meditation experiences will begin and end the day with a purpose and allow the mind, body and spirit to breathe in the essence of Aloha.
Monthly wellness workshops will go deeper into the relaxing meditation experience and teach you how to change re-awaken you life and cope better with daily setbacks.

Upcoming Events:

Waikiki Sunrise Meditations (January 2nd through January 15th, 2020)

Waikiki Wellness Event (January 13th, 2020)

More Information about Aloha Meditation

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Client Reviews:

“I enjoyed finding out about my aura and experiencing a deep meditation. I loved hearing about each chakra” –  Suzanne

“Learning about the chakras was interesting cant wait to learn more!” – Dave

“The sunset meditation was a dream come true. Who would have thought sitting down could be so enjoyable” – Kahir

“Contessa was really informative without being too detailed and not making everything difficult. Contessa you made it fun and factual at the same time. Thanks!!” – Maree

“Lovely venue, relaxed atmosphere and very accommodating host” – Melissa

“Very informative and interesting presentation” – Joanne

“The day was great value. The food was top quality and the location was so quiet and beautiful. My wife and I enjoyed being taken by bus to the private Hawaiian location. Nice” – Hugo

“The surfing and meditation tour worked well for us. I went on a surfing half day with my buddies and my girl friend went with the girls to hang out. Great idea.” – John

“Contessa’s enthusiasm for teaching and sharing great places in Hawaii is so obvious. Cant wait to come back and do a Sunrise meditation” – Kylie