Walking Meditation

If you don’t feel like sitting down for today’s meditation then try a walking meditation. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed at the same time.These 5 tips can help you get out the door!

1. Know Where You’re Going

Plan the route where you’re going. Avoid places where you will be distracted by too much noise, people, traffic or chatter.

2. Have an Intent

From the moment you set out know that the meditation time will be beneficial to you for your peace of mind and be a great work out for your body.

3. Making your Movement Matter

Step your feet and walk with the awareness that you are grounding with the Earth. At the same time you are stimulating your root chakra.

4. Breathe Easy

Your breathe becomes part of the process as you start to count your breathe as you inhale and exhale and co-ordinate this with your steps. Start with walking and counting four breaths in and four breaths out. Extend your breathing to 5-6 breaths. Don’t stress about your breath just do what you can.

5. Have Fun

Smile and enjoy the time that you are giving yourself to step inside your inner being and relax. Remind yourself of what you’re grateful for and how wonderful life is!

Let me know where you like to walk, is it the beach or a park or somewhere else and if you will try walking meditation next time.


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