10 Minute Magic

Making relaxation a part of your day is the secret to meditating regularly. There is no need to “go out of your way” to meditate. Just follow these 5 easy steps to get started

1. Find a place and sit where you are alone (preferably not public transport) because even if you have headphones just remember there are people around you with their own energies coming at you. Choose a place in nature or somewhere you can sit alone and not be interrupted.

2. Close your eyes and breathe slowly

Upon closing your eyes make it your purpose to relax and as you breathe out feel the fresh breath on your face. Breathe in the clean clear air and breathe out what doesn’t serve you. Do this for a few minutes even to calm yourself any time day or night.

3. Listen to Stimulating Sounds

When I’m at the beach I’ll listen to the waves crashing or by the river I’ll hear the water on the pebbles. If you’re in a forest listen to the leaves moving in the wind or birds chirping-and if you have noise around you listen to wind chimes. Find calming music that you enjoy and breathe in time with the surrounding sounds

4. Using scents to stimulate your relaxation and choose whatever perfumes, candles or fruits and flowers in your space to enhance your meditation. If you’re in your garden and have a particular flower or fruit in bloom then relax with the scents around you.

5. Lie down or sit down and think about the parts of your body then as you think of them, tense and relax them simultaneously. Enjoy the relaxation that comes from using all your senses to visualise, feel, smell and hear your meditation.

Let me know about your meditation experience 💕💕💕

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