Sunrise Surprise Setting your Sails

Don’t you love it when you’re standing around minding your business and nature has something in stall that you didn’t expect. This morning was exactly like this. I witnessed the most breathtaking sunrise that arrived and was gone in what felt like a few minutes.

Just to think that this was such an excellent inspiration to think about re-setting my sails for the year.

Have you created any goals that you’re aiming to achieve or is your sunrise still waiting for you in tomorrow’s horizon.

How are you starting the day? I’ve been making some tiny changes that seem to be helping. Here are a few:

-A couple of sets of sit ups

– yoga sun salutes for 20 minutes each morning

– Full body massage once per week to take away the tightness and stiffness from sitting down

– more green vegetables and fruits for snacks

– a short 15-20 minute walk along the beach to the train station

– Earlier to bed

All these tiny things add up to a great change in my day. I have more energy and am ready to tackle anything that’s worth it.

Enjoy your day and hope you can see the sunset tonight 💕💕💕

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