6 Tips for Top Travel

Happy new year friends! It’s about time I filled you in on what I’m doing and what I’m learning so that I can help you and me get healthier.

Let me know what you’d like to know about travelling and how I can help. Share your travel tips too. Here goes a quick list of 6 hints to keep you well during your travels.

1. Remember Fruit Vegetables and Fibre

It’s easy to get your fruit for breakfast and veggies for lunch and dinner. Eat a few prunes or avocados and nuts during the day and if you’re like me and want to stay regular especially after long flights so take some Fibergy with you and mix with fresh fruit juice, yum.

2. Water Water Water

Sometimes the tap water even after boiling tastes gross so buy more bottled water than you need and drink more than you want. If you’re like me you’ll want to use bottled water for tea too or your tell can smell like chlorine

3. Energy and Immunity

Pack your vitamins minerals and any Chinese medicine you would normally take. I pack extra antioxidants and Chinese medicine for colds and immunity as I find after long periods of air conditioning I become more frail. For less space throw away packaging and use Usana Healthpak supplements that are easy to carry.

4. Time Zone and Sleep

Wake up when it’s morning and sleep when it’s night. Forget about your past time zone and focus on where you are now. Who cares what time it is in Sydney… oops don’t call your folks or bestie at 3am even if you are having fun!!

5. Exercise and Meditate

Obviously we do tend to exercise while travelling as there is so much to see and do but it’s important to keep active due to long flights and staying on ships. On the plane I’ll go to the back section and do a 30 min moving meditation (stretching and relaxing).


On the ship it’s easy to do yoga on the deck in an inconspicuous place. I practise my 15-20 mins of sun salutes every day and use the hotel mat as my towel. Meditate on long flights and before bed thinking about what you’re grateful for. I pray and thank God you.

6. Relax and Romance

Chill out while travelling as there is lot that you can’t control eg travel times, delays, issues in hotels, food or weather. There’s no need to be a stress head!! Relax with your family, rekindle your romance with your loved one and flirt like crazy if you like!

Love to hear your comments and more blogs soon.