7 Abundance hints for a beautiful day 

Much has been written about giving thanks and abundance and after bringing out an old Wellbeing magazine coincidentally today on Thanksgiving I thought it’s time to share

1. 💜 Start your day with a smile and blessed feelings that you’re alive, your loved ones are alive and you have a bed a home and a life

2.💜 Take care of your thoughts remembering what we think is what we create

3. 💜 Plan what your day will look like and what you’ll do. Think what do I need to do today and how do I want the next 24 hours to unfold giving purpose to your day

4. 💜 Eat exercise and exhale treating your body and mind with respect by putting in the goodness you deserve. Remember to take breaks to breathe and give yourself thanks for everything you’re doing

5 💜 Dress for abundance and know that how you look affects how you feel and perform. Take time to dress in your own style and if you work with a uniform or a suit environment maybe it’s what others can’t see that is special!

6. 💜 Everyday Action 60 minutes and being purposeful with your day. Upon rising give yourself this time- 20 minutes for exercise, 20 minutes for writing your goals and daily plan and 20 minutes to listen or read something that motivates you.

7. 💜 Gratefulness for 5 minutes as you think about your day and give thanks for at least 3 things that happened, 3 relationships or people who were present or whatever it is that makes you grateful

How do you start your day? 

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