The meditation workshop on Sunday was a huge success. We relaxed, we ate and we laughed. Today we learnt about the chakras and how they can be stimulated by using our everyday foods, drinks and scents. Amazing we all saw our auras!! Some of us wanted to tell our aura what colour it should be but we remained calm and let our own bodies decide what was right.

Our morning tea and lunch was enjoyable as we talked and joked about life getting to know new friends.

It was fun to smell oils and look at colours that respresented our 7 energy centres.

We did sitting meditation, moving motion meditation were blanketed by the protection of our aura and all together learnt the Moving meditation to stay in the moment.

We found out that meditation is not just about relaxing or being mindful it can absolutely help with improving sleep, anxiety and staying more confident and positive.
Thanks to all the participants in the day and a big thanks to my friend Melissa who brought her DoTerra oils to share.Β 

Where do you like to go to relax?

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