Okinawa Japan known for the location with high longevity. Some lifestyle guidelines from Okinawa:

  1. Make movement part of your day

  2. Never retire always have a purpose

  3. Relax Meditate and Pray

  4. Dont let the small things get in the way

  5. Herbivorous diet with small amount of animal protein

  6. Drink wine on most days

  7. Family is the top of the hierarchy

  8. Community belonging

  9. Have a mentor


Waving Meditation 

This moving meditation can be done next to the waves, in the park or in the mountains. Wherever you like. 

Take off your shoes if you can and feel the earth on your feet.

Slow down. 

Smile and walk slowly raising each foot then placing back gently onto the ground in an exaggerated motion. 

Think only about your feet and legs as you wave your body to the rhythm of calmness

Waving Meditation